Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fossils from Kronosaurus Korner in the new issue of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal
Hot off the presses - make sure to check out issue 11 of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal, featuring several stories on your favourite fossil forms from Kronosaurus Korner – Australia’s Premier Marine Fossil Museum.

Delve into the curious world of 'Cretaceous Calamari' – written by Dr Alex Cook of Queensland Museum. Learn about the rare remains of enormous ancient squid found from Richmond, including the study of an amazing specimen peppered with bite marks from a predacious pliosaur or plesiosaur. Seems like calamari was just as popular back then as it is today!

Read all about  'Richmondichthys - Richmond's amazing armoured fish', written by Dr Timothy Holland of Kronosaurus Korner. Learn about how this slow-moving, toothless, filter-feeding fish survived in an underwater environment brimming with predatory pliosaurs, plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, sharks and fish. Discover why Richmondichthys has been dubbed the ‘swimming armadillo’.

Last but not least, uncover the story of 'An Ichthyosaur in the Paddock', written by Dr Benjamin Kear of Uppsala University. Read about the ongoing study of Australian ichthyosaurs, from early discoveries in the Outback of Queensland in the 1860s to remarkable research of the present day involving 3D scanners, isotopes and biomolecules. See the remains of juvenile ichthyosaurs only on display at Kronosaurus Korner.

If that’s not enough, you can read up on more on Kronosaurus Korner’s exquisite fossils in past issues of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal. Ponder the Kronosaurus Chronicles, Texas-sized elasmosaurs from Queensland, the Marathon Run – discovering the Richmond Pliosaur, Minmi – armoured car of the Cretaceous and let’s not forget Flindersichthys, aka Ol’ Boofhead. So get your hands on a copy of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal today, at just $19.95.

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